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Tektronix 222 & 224 Battery Adapter for Li+ batteries
Tektronix 222 & 224 Battery Adapter for Li+ batteries

Tektronix 222 & 224 Battery Adapter for Li+ batteries

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Part Number:CAS-TEKBAT
This is a battery charger/adapter to use common 18650 Lithium Ion batteries in place of the long obsolete sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery that originally shipped with the Tektronix 222 and 224 family of handheld oscilloscopes.  This charger/adapter fits in the original battery compartment of the oscilloscope and manages the charging and power requirements of the oscilloscope.  It features a boost converter to provide the approximately 8V that the scope needs for operation, battery management and protection for each of the the 18650 batteries to prevent overcharging, as well as circuitry to prevent over discharging of the batteries, which may cause irreversible cell damage.  Note that there is no reverse polarity protection for the cells, and if you install one backwards, it will fry the dual MOSFET for that cell, and this will not be covered under the warranty.

The boards are professionally built and individually tested to ensure proper operation.

You will need to provide 18650 batteries (the adapter will support 1, 2 or 3 batteries, not included), as well as the battery wire harness from the original battery.  A female header is provided to solder on to the wire harness so it can be plugged into the board header.

The charger/adapter can be used as is, or you can 3D print an enclosure (designed specifically for this board by NearFarMedia).  The files to 3D print the enclosure can be found here: 

Circuit board design based upon the work of Kitsune-Denshi. licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.  More information on the design and operation, including schematic diagram can be found here:

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