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Product Warranty


All products manufactured by Creative Access Solutions are covered by a 1-year warranty. If a product fails during the first 365 days after you receive it, ship it back and it will be replaced at no charge, including the cost of shipping the replacement to you. 

You must first request a return by sending an email to: [email protected]. Include your name and order number (if purchased direct) or eBay user ID and approximate date of purchase.

You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product to us.  Once received, your product will be tested, and if found to be defective due to materials or manufacturing, a replacement will be sent to you at the same address as the order was originally shipped.  The cost of shipping replacements for defective products will be paid by Creative Access Solutions.  If testing shows that your product is not defective, you will be responsible for the cost of the return shipping.  If the product is defective due to any reason other than a material or manufacturing defect (i.e. electrical surge, etc.), or if product has been opened or tampered with, then the warranty will be void and you will have the option of (1) having the product returned to you at your cost, (2) purchasing an out-of-warranty replacement at a 50% discount, plus shipping, or (3) requesting that we simply dispose of the defective product.

If your product fails within the first 30 days, then Creative Access Solutions will provide a return postage label for you to use in sending the defective product back at no cost to you.

If you ship a product back COD or without sufficient postage (postage due), the shipment will be refused and it will be returned to you. 

Any product not manufactured by Creative Access Solutions will be covered by any manufacturer's warranty that is in place by the respective product's manufacturer.