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In-house automated wire processing!

Posted by Steve Pepin on 4/11/2024 to News
In order to keep up with increased production demands, several years ago I began to outsource the production of the cable assemblies for the Universal modules because I simply couldn't keep up with hand prepping the cables. Recently, I began noticing increasing QC issues with these outsourced cables, so I made the decision to invest in a wire processing machine so I can switch back to top quality Belden 9451 cable and control all aspects of cable production in house and ensure quality. Going forward, all new production will utilize the Belden cable processed in house. The Belden cable has a thinner, tougher outer jacket as well as conductor insulation There's a few more manual steps such as clipping the unused drain wire, but the end result will be worth it. This newest improvement will not affect the cost of the modules at all as it's an investment cost that I'm just absorbing in order to ensure the highest cable quality for my customers.

Click the link below to see this machine in operation!

Here's a look at the internal mechanisms of the machine: