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Internal stealth receiver modification service


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Use this product if your opener has yellow antenna wires and/or a round yellow learn button ONLY.  It is not compatible with any other version of the opener.

This service modifies your existing Harley Davidson (91560-01 or 91562-01) or SkyLink 838R receiver to add compatibility with Security+ 2.0 garage door openers from LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Raynor and Craftsman AssureLink.  Note that this is a modification service and requires you to send in your existing receiver for modification.  If you wish to purchase a new modified receiver, simply add this item to your cart, and then select the Skylink receiver from the accessories tab above.  Upon receipt, your receiver will be tested to ensure proper operation and range, and any issues will be discussed with you prior to modification.  After modification, the receiver will again be tested prior to being returned to you.  This requires a one-time pairing with the garage door opener, and you may need to repeat the pairing procedure with the motorcycle the first time.  Full instructions included, or click on the Download tab.

This product is ONLY compatible with Security+ 2.0 openers.  You can tell if your opener is a Security+ 2.0 version, if it has yellow antenna wires and a round yellow LEARN button on the motor unit.  If your opener has any other color antenna wires or learn button, do NOT order this product -- instead select the External Wireless Interface Module.

Note that we've found this product to be incompatible with the LiftMaster 8500 Elite and the Raynor Prodigy II jack-shaft openers.  If you have one of these models, please select the External Wireless Interface Module instead.

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    Installation instructions for the internal stealth modified receiver.

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