Creative Access Solutions is quite literally a one-man shop.  I have been involved in the field of electronics for over 35 years.  I hold a degere in Electronics Engineering Technology.  

This company evolved from a need to overcome a limitation that I experienced when I installed a new garage door opener with an intelligent wall control.  The Harley Davidson garage door opener "dumb" receiver would no longer work with the "smart" controls.  I researched and developed a modification which enabled my receiver to be paired and "speak" the same language as the smart controls.  

I thought others would likely be in the same situation as I was, so I made my services available on eBay.  As it turned out, demand was surprisingly strong.  I thought that if my modification service was this well received, then there would be a market for an inline plug-n-play interface that would not require the purchaser to send in their receiver for modification, thereby making the process easier and more straightforward.  

This is when I began sourcing the materials to develop the inline version of the module.  Both versions continue to be in strong demand, with the inline version slightly outselling the internal version.  Next came the wireless module.  This version allows a broader range of openers to be used with the HD receivers, as well as adding flexibility in locating the receiver.

After some time selling through eBay, I decided to create a website in order to further streamline the process, and this is the result of my efforts.

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